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PostHeaderIcon Are Certain Keno Numbers Hot?

There are many keno gamers who claim that certain numbers can get lucky – and just as many who will tell you they won big by using them on their keno tickets! However, is it really possible that keno numbers ever win with anything other than luck? Well, such a subjective keno topic is always going to have arguments from both sides, but it is true that some keno numbers do hit seemingly hot runs of winning!

For example, you could surf along to a keno game and check out the statistics page to see the numbers winning from previous games, and by analysing the games you could pick out some numbers that have won repeatedly through the last 100 keno rounds, while others may have few or no wins. What’s going on here – random chance you something deeper?

Well, some theories such as the Andrucci theory – suggest that random scenarios are characterised by large chunks of ‘chaos’, but also contain small sections of ‘logical order’. When applied to a gaming environment such as keno – this could be viewed as numbers winning randomly with a low volume (the chaos), plus the numbers that seem to be winning more than their fair share of keno rounds (the order).

If you take this keno theory to be true – it means you could potentially enhance your chances of winning by putting the hot numbers down on your tickets.

However, the theory does have some potential snags. For example, how do you know when a keno number qualifies as being ‘hot’, and equally could a lucky number suddenly become cold and stop winning at any time?

Well, these are questions and concepts that there are no real answers to – but fortunately there is no harm in trying them out and experimenting when you play keno.

The only thing to really remember is that however you play online keno, there can never be any guarantees of making a winning ticket. However, every ticket does have a chance of winning, and anything that can help find some luck is well worth having in your keno locker!

You’re sure to find endless other keno strategies and tips on the internet – so of which seem to make sense, while others are totally off the wall (but keno gamers still claim they help them win more frequently!). Classic examples of sound keno tips include playing with more than one keno ticket per round, betting with 2 consecutive numbers and using a diverse range of spot numbers and types of numbers. More dubious strategies for keno include calling out the number you want to win with each number draw and keeping lucky icons by your computer!

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